About us

It's a year 2013 when Harrie van den Anker 'discovers' BMW Z8 and purchases his own first exemplar shortly after. It's a black one with a black interior, the car is a beauty.

The new hobby or even love is a fact. And the proper hobby needs a proper space. The idea of a show room becomes a reality in 2017 as the two storey building emerges in Schijndel to present the most imposing collection of its kind. By that time Harrie owns a nice line-up of 13 wonderful Z8's (the number varies) in all the colours ever supplied, including the rare Nachtblau (Midnight Blue) metallic version of which only four were produced. This can be determined as the largest Z8 collection in the world.

As soon as all the desireable Z8's had entered the building, the new phase in the collection took off, the BMW classic one. The first one to arrive was the Z8's ancestor, the ultimate classic serie-1 BMW 507. It was followed by classic EMW 327 from 1952, BMW 503, 3200 CS Bertone, Z1 and the iconic 'barnfind' M1, all in the excellent condition and one of a kind.

AutoPitch BMW's come from the USA, Canada, Austria and of course Germany. We are proud to tell that only the most perfect items are being added to this car family. The appearance and the particular condition of the vehicle is of a significant importance, but the history of the car makes it even more special. Every and each of them tell their own story worthwhile listening.

Please be free to contact us for more information or a tour round the showroom.

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