Z8 2002 red – black

Kilometerstand: 8.670 KM
Kleur: red-black

This delightful red with black combination Z8 has got an dazzling mileage of 8.670 kilometers. There were just 137 cars produced in this colour combination according to the list of the factory. Owned by just one owner.
The car is provided with all the necessary documents and technical information.


Body type: cabriolet/Roadster
Transmission: manual
Gears: 6
Doors: 2
Seats: 2
Fuel: petrol
Number of cylinders: 8
Accelleration (0-100): 4,7s
Top speed: 250 km/h
Dimensions: 440x183x132 cm
Wheelbase: 251 cm
Weight: 1.590 kg
Load capacity: 340 kg
Cylinder capacity: 4.941 cm3
Co2-emission: 358 g/km (combined)

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